Star Recognition Teacher Awards Gifts

Star Recognition Teacher Awards Gifts
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The crystal star makes a unique teacher thank you teacher gifts from the students. It is frequently presented at the end of the school year or teacher's day to show how much we appreciated the efforts of those exemplary teachers. A quintessential crystal piece matches a bright star, it offers a stunning design as well as ample space for a personalized inscriptions and logos to recognition teachers who made a difference in the lives of students, who inspired students to continue dreaming and pursue our course. They are truly a hero for us and all the teachers. We love all the teachers who educated us.


Fits for: Teacher’s day Gift; Appreciation Awards for Teachers; Teacher’s Recognition Gift

Blue 8″TM1056BUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS
Clear 8″TM1056CUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS
Green 8″TM1056GUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS