Pastor Appreciation Globe tower Plaque

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The Dazzling Crystal Globe Tower Award is a popular choice in fine crystal awards design for pastor, priest, deacons, and others in the ministry. Universal appeal is evident with the rendering of a spectacular global feature. A wide base of clear crystal rises to a slender sliver which catches the world embedded in the crystal’s interior. This crystal trophy exemplifies strength and unity in design and sand etching is always a splendid addition to include names dates and meaningful words. It is a perfect anniversary gift ideas for pastors celebrating years of devoted service to our Lord, or a religious holiday gifts to church leaders, parents and friends.

Suitable for: Appreciation Awards; Teacher’s Day Gifts; leadership Trophies.

Small 6″AS 1019SUS$115.006″H x 2-2/3 ″W x 1-1/6″D1.80KGS
Medium 8″AS 1019MUS$145.008″H x 3-1/6 ″W x 1-2/5″D2.30KGS
Large 10″AS 1019LUS$195.0010″H x 4-1/5″W x 1-5/6″D3.00KGS