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Volunteer Service Award Gift

Aug 15, 2018

Volunteer work refers to the service provided by any person or organization to contribute to the improvement of social services and social progress without any material rewards. Volunteer work has four characteristics: volunteerism, unpaid, public welfare and organization.

Volunteer work spreads loving and civilization. Volunteers, while bringing care to the society, also conveyed love and spread civilization. This kind of “love” and “civilization” is uploaded from one person to another and eventually gathers into a strong social warmth.

Volunteer work helps to build a harmonious society. It provides opportunities for social and mutual help, strengthens the interaction and care between people, reduces mutual alienation and promotes social harmony.

Volunteer work can promote social progress. The progress of society requires the participation and efforts of the whole society. It is to encourage more and more people to participate in the service of the community, and has a certain positive effect on promoting social progress.

The Volunteer Service Award is to recognize those individuals or groups who have worked hard in volunteer work, volunteered, did not seek retribution, and contributed to those who have difficulties or individuals. At the same time, they encouraged more people to follow their example. Volunteer try their best to make our society became more and more better.

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