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University Service Award

Jul 31, 2018

Service is a paid or unpaid activity that does things for others and benefits others. Do not meet the special needs of others in the form of providing labor in physical form.

The best thing in life is that when you stop living, you can serve the people with everything you create. ——Ostrovsky.

People are group animals, we are all part of the collective. The collective becomes better, and we become better too, so we should do more contribution to the collective and strive to build a better collective environment. The Service award was awarded by a country to a soldier or civilian for long service. It is comparable to a service medal but can be awarded to civilians as well as soldiers. Therefore, today many enterprises, schools, companies, and associations will set up the annual service awards, the best service star of the quarter, the loyalty service award, etc., to recognize those who have no rhetoric, only to work quietly, no great achievements, only selfless dedication. There has never been a major accident, and one heart is for the public. With heart and effort, it interprets people who do things with heart.

The intention of the University Service Award is to honor that senior whose influence, ideals and activities have been devoted unselfishly to serve the best interests of his/her Alma Mater and fellow students. It is not so much a measure of the number of activities in which a student has participated as a measure of the prominence of the student’s leadership activities as it is a measure of their devotion to the groups in which they have accepted leadership responsibilities. It is not so much a measure of the extensiveness of a student’s campus activities as it is a measure of the unselfishness with which he or she has given of their time and effort to make those activities serve their fellow students.

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