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Uncover The Mystery Of The Classic-Crystal-Awards

Oct 11, 2017

Classic-Crystal-Awards, as ordinary people have seen, but it is on television, film or awards ceremony. Just far to see. Classic-Crystal-Awards with the movie star is full of mystery. Today, the name of the crystal handicrafts Xiao Ke opened the mystery of the Classic-Crystal-Awards for you.

Classic-Crystal-Awards is a noble symbol of purity, and now commonly used in government and corporate awards. It is crystal clear, sparkling, but also in the above lettering, pattern pattern.

Now the Classic-Crystal-Awards is no longer a star of the patent, it has been flying into the homes of ordinary people. Use of occasions: advertising promotions, conference celebrations, office benefits, business public relations, thank customers, festivals, moved, graduation, Collectibles and so on.

Classic-Crystal-Awards production process

Material: Selection of K9 artificial crystal

Production process a total of: open material, pressure embryo, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, glue, quality inspection, packaging 1. Open material: the whole piece of material to large saw blade high-speed sawing crystal The size and size required for the embryo.

2. Blasting embryo: the mold to produce the finished product size and shape, and then add raw materials to high temperature above 900 ℃ melting, into the mold, die-casting made.

3. rough polishing: the mold out of the hair, the diamond plate directly grinding out the finished product line.

4. Fine polishing: After the rough polishing, polished powder to polish the finished product to crystal clear so far.

5. Punching: the crystal is not finished before the finished product, according to the size and location of the hole required to drill bit drilling.

6. Screen printing: crystal surface with a different color material for effect processing, the color level is thick, the focus before falling off.

7. Plating: the use of similar plating method in the crystal surface with a different color, the level of thin, friction can be scratched, there scratches, because the plating is often located at the bottom, so the bottom of the plating often use other objects attached, Such as Health Xiao Wenzhen.

8. Carving: three-dimensional strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Hand carved graphics, machine engraving text.

9. Sandblasting: three-dimensional weak, more flat

10. Packing: the Classic-Crystal-Awards scrub clean, into a special box. This is a finished product