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Toocle Into Gifts China Gifts Online B2B Industry Line

Aug 02, 2016

On May 9, from the a-share "Chinese Internet stocks" Web business Bao (stock code: 002095) was informed by the gift industry is committed to creating the most professional Web site, it will also mean toocle entered gifts B2B industry.

China gifts website Home column in navigation, set the list of vendors, products, supply, business opportunities, information, exhibition, recruitment, branding, business, pass, business loans and other programs. As can be seen from the section of the settings have focused on corporate customers a wide range of requirements. In the site search box at the top of, product catalogs, suppliers, supply, business opportunities, information for accurate search.

In addition to Home settings of the navigation column, the main setting of the Web site sections include: business recommendations, products, VIP supplies, the latest investment, exhibition information, under the website also set up brand enterprises, Union websites, partners, and other columns. Settings for these sections, the enterprise has played a good role in promoting.