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The Outstanding Educational Programming Award

Aug 06, 2018

Educational programming is a comprehensive and long-term plan formulated by the national or regional education authorities on the development goals, scale, speed, and steps and measures of education.

The school's educational program is what is commonly referred to as a teaching plan. The teaching plan (education programming) is the overall plan of the curriculum. It stipulates the way in which the different types of courses are structured. It also stipulates the requirements of different courses in the management of learning methods and their proportion. At the same time, the teaching, production and labor of the school. Extracurricular activities, such as extracurricular activities, specify the disciplines that schools should set, the order in which courses are offered, and the allocation of class hours, and divide the semester, school year, and holidays.

The Outstanding Education Programming Award mentioned is a summary of the work performance of educators and affirmation and encouragement to outstanding teachers. It is hoped that educators will encourage students to make bold innovations, warm students with unselfish care, give them hope, and cultivate a better new generation successor. Opening students viewpoints to new perspectives, cultivating a spark for continued and deeper learning, and involving students in experiential and/or creative learning methods that actively engage participants in the learning processes.

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