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Nurse Dedication Awards

Jun 25, 2018

Nurses are"the most trusted healthcare professionals.". They are with patients throughout the continuum of life. Nurses are teacher, advocates, caregivers, critical thinkers, and innovators. They do so much more than care for individuals…their presence 24/7 has transformed lives. Nursing is an honorable profession, and nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system.

As you prepare for meaningful National Nurses Week and National Nursing Assistants Week at your facility, nurse awards are an important way to show your employees that you value their contributions over the years. You can make various of nurse awards by different abilities and contributions: Honorary Awards; Nurse Appreciation Trophy; Nurse Excellent Honor Gift; Nurse Contribution Awards; Nurse Congratulation Plaque.

With a unique shape that will immediately get the attention of your guests, these custom crystal trophies are manufactured with strong and durable crystal materials, unique four layer base, blue accent, and large imprint areas that can be engraved with you logo design and special message. Great for corporate ceremonies, galas and the like, our tools will help you further reach the recipients of your customized glass awards. Extend them with a token of you appreciation that will forever remind them of their success, thus add to your own and that of your organization.