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Pastor Retirement Awards

Aug 30, 2018

Time is like an invisible hand, turning the page of the years ruthlessly page by page, which makes today become yesterday, and turns yesterday into a memory. At the beginning, the pastor who was full of enthusiasm and went to work, after the time baptism, passed away from the youth, and now she/he has become a retire and has entered the ranks of retirement.

Retirement is an important occasion for most people and a well-designed, well-though-out award, plaque or gift can help them remember their special day for the rest of their lives. Preparing meanful crystal priest retirement gift for beloved pastor, evoking a forward motion with its exquisite design,and represents appreciation and recognition for pastor’s service for serving god, church and community. Hoping to live more and more wonderfully in the future after retirement.

We have over 35 years experience in suppling thousands of crystal awards, trophies and corporate gifts all over the world. We offer the highest quality along with environmentally protective materials and processing procedures such as grinding, 3D laser engraving, sand etching, color printing and more – all at very competitive prices.

Aswell Crystal Crafts Co is passionately devoted to meeting your personal demands through professional manufacturing and product service delivered with meticulous production and the highest level of integrity. Exceeding your expectations is at the heart of how we work.