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Pastor Retirement Awards

Jun 21, 2018

Retirement is a well-earned time of transitioning for people in the ministry who have devoted their lives to God’s service. Pastors may also need to leave the congregation and move to other areas of life and ministry. We can’t imagine the conflicting feelings you must be experiencing as you consider the end of your pastoral ministry. It is a time of sweet sorrow.

Your favorite pastor is retiring and you want to give him a gift to show your appreciation for all the guidance and wisdom he has passed along to you and everyone else in the church, but you’re not sure what to get him that he might truly enjoy. Give your retiring pastor a memento to cherish, something that will truly be around for years to come. A ceramic wall hanging or small statue would work, but a crystal plaque may have more staying power.  A unique, but beautiful crystal gift with the shape of Bible or scripture will go a long way to showing just this.

We Aswell has specially designed pastor retirement pieces that are hand cut and high polished to a gorgeous shine.  Check out our brilliant ideas for crystal pastor retirement gifts and see what you think your pastor would most enjoy to celebrate his retirement!