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Optical Crystal Human Resources Award Gift

Sep 10, 2018

The Human Resources Department is one of the core departments of the company. Its main job function is to be responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the company’s talents; to introduce various talents that meet the development requirements for the company; to continuously develop the potential of employees through various professional training methods to achieve People and enterprises win-win; develop a sound performance management system to improve the management level of enterprises; formulate reasonable compensation plans and incentive plans according to the completion of work tasks of enterprises or departments; and solve various social security and labor relations between employees and enterprises And other matters.

The HR Service Excellence Awards reward HR Distinguished Person those who provide a two-channel personal development model for employees in the long-term development of the company while focusing on the individual development of employees and the needs of the company. At the same time, they also increase their high quality potential through the trainee program. By the cultivation and development of young talents, employees have more opportunities for development, as well as reserve and retain more outstanding talents for the company.

This material of all our crystal crafts is optical crystal, they can be processed to create unique shapes which can then be engraved, printed or 2D/3D lasered. It is available in a range of colours, lending itself to corporate awards, where an element of the branding colours may be incorporated into the design.