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Lovers Gifts Stores Attack Market

Jun 06, 2017

Stroll the streets, bustling market lovers store shop in the decoration or novelty or exquisite, all create a thick romantic atmosphere. The Lovers Gifts on the shelves are dazzling and unique. Couples pack, couple wallet, couple cup, couple gloves, couple necklace, couples ring and other couples Lovers Gifts everything.

For businesses, the city's lovers are the most vigorous consumption of a family, so, by the holiday consumption driven by the economic rise of couples, more segments of the market, positioning more specific Lovers Gifts stores will emerge. These Lovers Gifts in addition to Valentine's Day, Tanabata, Christmas, these must be a lot of festivals, the exclusive lovers on both sides of the day, wedding anniversary, birthday and so also very suitable. In the past, lovers ' consumption has gathered in Valentine's Day, with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the ways and means of expressing emotion are more and more, and the lovers ' goods are quietly entering into people's daily life, and the couple's consumption extends to every ordinary day. Looking at the market for couples in our city, it's all about everything from couples ' packages to lovers ' dresses, from couples to couples, from roses and couples to wedding photos, all with the charm of love attracting a lot of spoony men and women.

It is understood that the main consumption of the couple is still the majority of young people. No matter in the streets, or entertainment venues, people can be seen wearing lovers fashion lovers walk through the arm, the kind of interdependence, love the feeling of romantic and new. In terms of price, the present Lovers Gifts is not expensive, more than 30 yuan a pair of couples gloves, 20 yuan pair of couples keychain, hundred Yuan Lover's shirt and so on are acceptable to consumers. Couple goods in the most popular lovers of the top couple clothing. The style of each pair of lovers ' fashion is rigid and to, rich romantic warm color, won the lovers ' favor. But behind the couple's clothing, the price is empty, it is much higher than the same goods. The reason for this is generally the business of the couple merchandise, the operator caught the consumer is a pair of men and women in love, and they are unwilling to carefully identify the origin of goods, quality, only look generous, beautiful, and most of the sensibilities also refused to bargain. Although the price of the couple's consumption is higher, but in love with the lover still at the expense of spending money to buy the feeling, in some large hotel restaurants, couples box or lovers ' lounge is favored, because the most couples eat all hope that the environment quiet, in the relative and sit in the tacit understanding to obtain a sense of With the couple consumption, the rising temperature, now the couple consumption, is no longer the unmarried men and women's patents, some married years, decades of men and women also among the lovers consumption, the ranks of their love for couples injected new vitality. The owner of a florist told reporters, now many middle-aged men will buy flowers for their wives, as romantic as the young.

In the increasingly competitive business world, some businesses see the couple spending, hidden huge business opportunities, have attack the market. As long as the lovers can cater to the romantic feelings of young men and women, middle-aged men and women's warm fashion, the elderly family return to the psychological needs of affection, will certainly win the market.