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Lovers Gifts Packaging Design

May 24, 2017

As the name suggests, Lovers Gifts gift object can only be a couple in general, Lovers Gifts more than the general gift more intimate, more able to express the feelings of lovers. It is specially for the lover who is specially ordered, is integrated into the thoughts and feelings. It will be romantic, sweet, warm, love each other and a series of love elements into the gift, to the lover to ingenuity, unconventional feeling. It is carrying the emotional value is that we can not use the material to measure, so that the Lovers Gifts is precious, is different. In addition, the different Lovers Gifts for the crowd and the representative of the meaning is not the same, an ideal Lovers Gifts for recipients and recipients, can express a special desire to pass a special kind of information The

In the human civilization society, the gift has always been people to maintain the emotional ties, in people's daily contacts, has a non-negligible position. This is especially true in China, which has been known for its etiquette since ancient times. In China, gifts have become a social culture, the annual festivals, couples, relatives, friends, colleagues will be presented between each other gifts, in order to achieve the purpose of communication and communication feelings. Couple gifts as a gift in a small class, although it is a modern vocabulary, but it is produced, in fact, is accompanied by the emergence of this gift culture and the emergence of. Lovers Gifts, and because of its various elements of love into the gift of ideas, making people in the gift selection and gift delivery and so the whole process is more romantic, more sweet and more meaningful, especially in the civilized society highly developed today, the couple Gift of this position on the performance of more prominent.

Gift packaging is a very unique manifestation of social culture and material carrier, reflecting the strong tradition and the art of gift culture. In terms of its function, gift packaging plays a protective gift, the delivery of gift information and the strengthening of human emotional communication. With the rich social life of life, everyone's consumption concept and health awareness of the change and strengthen the packaging of the gift also have different requirements, personalized gift packaging performance more and more obvious, and the couple gift packaging is One of the typical representatives. Lovers Gifts packaging design creative and packaging skills need to combine the characteristics of gift culture, taking into account the gift of the lover's habits, identity and age, gift of the table's mind, financial and other factors.