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Lovers Gifts Consumer Market Huge

Jun 06, 2017

Lovers Gifts consumer market huge, lover's money has become a common understanding of the business, in every A and Lovers Gifts in the festival, businessmen are bound to pull out of the big banner of Love, in the battle in the battle busy, lovers supplies turned out in the market to seize a business opportunities. Couple supplies innovation is the key couple outfit, couple jewelry, lovers Cup and other fancy items in the market has been common, and lovers of their favorite degree is also enthusiastic. Although the current market on the couple of Lovers Gifts variety, but the lovers are most loved by the new and unique gifts. In order to be able to seize this period of people's shopping frenzy, the various merchants are interested in the law, on the shelves to put on a novelty and interesting merchandise.

The A fashionable Korean mini Rose is a kind of flower which grows in the test tube, the diameter of the test tube is only 5 centimeters, the height is also only 15 centimeters, the test tube is equipped with brightly colored gel-like nutrient liquid, can give the plant in the test tube to provide all the nourishment that grows need, as long as guarantees the daily light and the heat, does not need the extra watering or the supplementary nutrient, the plant can grow normally. Growers do not have to take care of, but also can witness the eternal love of roses carry. Even more amazing, flowers can be transplanted to potted plants after flowering. The retail price of this mini rose is close to hundred yuan, but the customers who call every day for advice are still in a stream. In addition to the love magic tree that can grow within a few hours, a series of magical Lovers Gifts, such as a greeting card with flowers, has become the hottest present. Lovers Gifts use gifts to convey a surprise to each other and to draw closer to each other through gifts.

Couples gift of the main consumer group is 16-35-year-old young people, many of them are lovers of the gift of the faithful consumer. These immersed in the love of the lover often less to consider the price factor, willing to spend money for lovers, consumption capacity can not be ignored.