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Imitation Glass Achievement Crystal Awards Production Process

Jul 20, 2017

Imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards is a relatively new product, the reason why there is no large area of popular, production costs is also a major factor. But the real glass products still have a great gap between the Achievement Crystal Awards production, the real glass crafts are basically the use of dewaxing process for production. Its product composition of the material is also different, the general artificial crystal and glass compared to imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards lead content is relatively low.

And said imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards process, are currently using the traditional crystal pressure process to produce, the use of raw materials is also colored crystal glass rod. Only in the process of pressure on the operator's technology, proficiency requirements are extremely high. Imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards before the production, the customer needs to make a careful analysis of the suit, requiring the operator to accurately determine the composition of the glass color. The color of the various products in the percentage must have a very accurate grasp of the layout of the various colors to have a basic understanding.

After understanding these basic conditions, we can carry out the sample, which is essential for the subsequent production of imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards. Any one of the details of the neglect can directly affect the final results of the product. Our aim is to make the same effect as the glass in the visual effect, so the final effect is our last purpose.

Such as the operator did not have a good grasp of the various composition of color, then the production of Achievement Crystal Awards can not see the effect of imitation glass, it can be said that such a result is a predictable low-level Achievement Crystal Awards. If the operator knows which colors are there, there is no control over the percentage of color. Assuming that the red accounted for 32%, blue accounted for 48%, yellow accounted for 20% of the moon Achievement Crystal Awards production, and the actual operation is red to 50%, then try the Achievement Crystal Awards, we finally get the product is definitely beyond recognition. So the price of crystal gifts, color weight control is also essential. Speaking of the distribution of color, we imitation of glass imitation is not only his color composition, but also to imitate his style. Color distribution must not be too old-fashioned, immutable to lose the characteristics of the glass, so in the production of imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards must pay attention to the characteristics of the glass at random changes.

Master the above several basic details, then we can carry out the production. But the operator's technology, and skilled operating ability must be in the daily production work exercise, not a few words can be resolved. After all, imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards production is still a difficult process, unless we only want a poor imitation glass Achievement Crystal Awards.