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How To Maintain The Achievements Of Achievement Crystal Awards Gifts

Jun 19, 2017

Maintenance Achievement Crystal Awards gift gift to pay attention to what? Achievement Crystal Awardsgift as a craft gift, in the market has a lot of supporters. This and it exquisitely carved, crystal clear effect of a great relationship. But you know, crystal, but a fragile material, if the protection is not easy to problems. Today, commendable gift network and we share the achievements of Crystal Award gift how to carry out daily maintenance. Maintenance Achievement Crystal Awards Award gifts to pay attention to what: crystal texture is more brittle, so it is strictly prohibited weight, beat and so on. At the same time high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid and other adverse environment will cause great damage to the crystal; if you want to move crystal products, need to wear soft cotton gloves, or thoroughly clean the hand. This can avoid the stains on the hands of the stains. In addition, many people in the mobile Achievement Crystal Awards gift, will seize the top of the crystal ornaments or epitaxial parts, but this can easily lead to fragile parts of the fracture. So it should be avoided; if the crystal collection on the dust, the general feather brush will give the crystal to leave a thin scratches, a long time will lead to the translucent effect of crystal decline.

So it is recommended that you use the soft and without the fabric of the hair whisk dust, remember to force to light; crystal glass is a very common Achievement Crystal Awards gifts, because often used, so often cleaned. When cleaning, have the following points:

1, can not suddenly put into high temperature or low temperature environment;

2, do not put the washed crystal cups together;

3, can not machine wash, preferably hand wash;

4, natural shade dry like, can not be forced to dry; attached to the scale of the crystal vase, can be placed in slightly acidic acid water cleaning, can also be soaked in salt water for 24 hours, and then washed with water, you can remove the scale; If you accidentally put the grease or fingerprints in the achievements of Crystal Award gifts, the soap can be transferred to the warm water washing, and then rinse with water; a lot of Achievement Crystal Awards gifts have cutting parts, these cutting part is very rough, It is difficult to clean up the stains. You can put some lemon cut some salt, smear on the stained incision, and then rinse with water. Or with a few drops of salt vinegar to wipe is also effective; if you intend to store a long time for the crystal gift, should not use plastic bags and foam tape and so on.

Because this type of bag will increase the temperature, which is easy to damage the crystal; In fact, if you do not want to be disturbed by dust dust, the best way is to cover a layer of glass cover, so that you can enjoy the achievements of the Crystal Award Gifts, but also to avoid exposure to the crystal exposed to the air.