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How Is The Classic-Crystal-Awards Printed?

Oct 11, 2017

A lot of time we get a Classic-Crystal-Awards often surprised when the Classic-Crystal-Awards is printed on how to print up the word some of the plane, and some protruding, and some more exaggerated, actually printed in the Classic-Crystal-Awards inside.

That Classic-Crystal-Awards above the word is how the top of the printed up?

You can color printing, carving, sandblasting the way the word printed on the trophy above.

First, color printing.

1 Select the appropriate material.

2, draw their own to print up the pattern.

3, with the ink pattern scan up.

Second, the carving

1, for detailed polishing and grinding.

2, and then make engraving template version.

3, into the carving machine inside the carving.

Three, sandblasting

1, surface cleaning, painting, cooking material, gold-plated, coated film stripping.

2, pear (before the gold, before the solution, before painting, then pretreatment, eliminate scars, rough surface, etching processing).

3, bead shot, SHOT PEENING.

4, on the glass, stone, plastic, and so on with sandblasting to carve into the text.

Through the above brief introduction we know how the Classic-Crystal-Awards? above the word up the bar.