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Foreign Achievement Crystal Awards Production

Jun 30, 2017

Crystal is natural quartz crystal. Pure crystal, it is very beautiful, showing 6 square pillar shape of the crystal, clean colorless, shiny, can be reflected in the sun color colorful. If there are impurities, such as the famous crystal, amethyst, etc., but the natural crystal is very small, generally artificial, the use of colorless quartz heated to 2000 ℃ when the formation of transparent crystal, and then cut, polished, used Production of a variety of advanced handicrafts, laser goggles, camera lens, etc., although the products with crystal production with high temperature, wear, not susceptible to alkali corrosion, performance, but its high cost, low processing efficiency, in real life "Crystal handicrafts" with plexiglass, transparent crystal glue plastic resin handicraft processing, these imitation crystal plastic transparency is very good, looks like crystal, easy manufacturing, raw materials Tesco, the price is very cheap, you can mass production machinery, can also be hand-made by the family of.

The people who make the crystal trophy handicrafts in the conference souvenirs, corporate promotional materials, gifts, souvenirs, furniture, etc., has its unique appreciation and collection,Achievement Crystal Awards The following brief introduction to the Achievement Crystal Awards process and the corresponding production methods. screen printing technology is also widely used in artificial crystal handicrafts, not only can improve Its decorative effect can also be printed on the product information and patterns, unknowingly complete the image of publicity, improve the visibility of the enterprise.

The process is: mold - casting to form two steps. The role of mold is to make raw materials processing is conducive to forming, easy to mass production. Although a variety of imitation crystal rubber than is different, but the process is the same. (Mass ratio calculation): plexiglass monomer (100 parts of polymethyl methacrylate (liquid), plexiglass (forming 3 to 5 mm thick) <6 parts, 2 to 6 parts of benzene pexes two butyl acetate solutions, Azobisisobased HNBR white crystals (toxic, should be safe to operate, wear protective gloves and supplies) 0 ~ 1 copies.

The molds are generally made of flat glass, such as a variety of simple square, round dies, which can be cut into the desired geometry and the edges of the walls using glass jacquard glass (flat glass) and then glued with glass glue The bottom edge of the glass, the adhesive glue sticks to the glass mold, such as the edge of the knife wheel grinding application smooth and rough. If the requirements of high precision crafts need silicone or metal production of three-dimensional mold, mold smoothness and molding products, the relationship between the surface finish is proportional.

Method of operation: the first plexiglass monomer filled in the enamel container, in proportion to the plexiglass will be dissolved in the monomer mixed with benzene Peis two butyl acetate, azobisisobutyl nitrile rubber, stir to mix evenly, Eliminate the bubbles generated when mixing, and then adjust the good slurry, fill the model polymerization, open the mold that is transparent after the plexiglass products, if you want to clear the product has a variety of colors, you can add a small amount of ingredients Organic pigments, indicating that the product structure has been rich and colorful results. If you want to make a variety of tools and mold imitation amber crafts before, choose a different small model, biological specimens, coins, toys (hereinafter referred to as tools and molds) in the slurry pouring halfway through the park a little mold middle- Full of mold cavity. Can also work again and then die casting.

Achievement Crystal Awards silk screen and processing decoration, you should use 300 ~ 420 mesh nylon belt, using a variety of plastic ink printing, printing surface products in the process, the use of manual ink printing graphics, use the way and size, should be a comparative experiment, see Whether the mutual solution reaction, the use of ink should also be tested to avoid damage to the quality of the product. When the dry after printing, once again the semi-finished products into the mold, graphics crafts will be filled with the middle of the package. For the surface and surface printing can be printed with a transparent sticker after the first printing, paste the need for bronzing graphics, in addition to the use of bronzing machine model SD-DPC-6, you can still use the golden instant paste hot foil printing copy, use color Ink or copy etching, that is, highlight the text pattern imitation bronzing effect, this method is also applicable to a variety of handicrafts on the surface or trademark printing.