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Employee Crystal Awards Trophy Identification

May 24, 2017

Employee Crystal Awards It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate touch, you can also in the above lettering, pattern pattern. With the material crystal --- like snow and ice as clean. Use it to do prizes to the excellent people is better.

Employee Crystal Awards Use of the occasion: advertising promotions, conference celebrations, office benefits, business public relations, thank customers, festivals to celebrate, move, graduate, fresco, souvenirs and so on.

Production process: raw materials, cutting, grinding, sandblasting, carving, assembly.

Employee Crystal Awards identification

1. Watch: natural crystal in the formation process, often by the environmental impact of the total contain some impurities, facing the sun observation, you can see the faint uniform fine stripes or catkins-like material. The fake crystal and more use of residual crystal slag, glass slag smelting, after polished processing, color imitation made, there is no uniform stripes, lacquer-like material.

2. tongue licking: even in the hot summer dog days, with the tongue licking the natural crystal surface, there are cold and cool feeling. Fake crystal, no cool feeling.

3. Light: natural crystal vertical placed in the sun, no matter from which point of view it, can release the beautiful luster. Fake crystal can not.

4. Hardness: natural crystal hardness, with gravel in the jewelry on the gently draw, will not leave traces; if left streak, it is false crystal.

5. Check with polarizer: in the polarizer to turn 360 degrees there are four crystal changes in the natural crystal, no change is false crystal.

6. with two-color check: natural amethyst dichroism, fake crystal is not dichroism.

7. Check with a magnifying glass: with ten magnifying magnets in the transmission of light under the inspection, can find the bubble can basically be set as false crystal.

8. with the hair check: the crystal on a hair, the human eye can be seen through the crystal hair twilight, then the natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has a birefringence.

9 with the thermal conductivity test: the thermal conductivity meter to adjust the green 4 grid test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 cells, and false crystal does not rise, when the area rose to a yellow grid.