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Employee Crystal Awards Production Process

Jul 11, 2017

Many people do not understand why the Employee Crystal Awards can not do less, it is because the staff of Employee Crystal Awards production, the staff are basically handmade crystal medals. Production costs will be high, mainly high labor costs, I believe we read the following production process will understand

1, the production process: open material, pressure embryo, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

2, crystal finished product classification: faceted, flat, faceted plus flat and hand carving four.

3, the Employee Crystal Awards processing instructions:

①, open material: the whole piece of material to large saw blade high-speed saw the size and size of the embryo need.

②, pressure embryo: mold to produce the required size and shape of the finished product, and then add raw materials to high temperature above 900 ℃ melting, into the mold, die-casting made.

③, rough polishing: the mold is pressed out of the embryo, the diamond plate directly grinding out the finished product line.

④, fine polishing: after the rough polishing, polished powder to finish the crystal until the crystal clear.

⑤, punching: is not finished in the crystal before the finished, according to the size and location of the hole required to drill processing, such as table parts, pen holder, bottle hole and so on.

⑥, silk screen: crystal surface with a different color material for the effect of treatment, the color level is thick, the focus before the fall off.

⑦, plating color: the use of similar plating in the crystal surface with a different color, thin layers, the friction can be scratched, there scratches, because the plating is often located at the bottom, so the bottom of the plating often use other objects attached, Such as Health Xiao Wenzhen.

⑧, carving: three-dimensional sense of strong, high technology, fine workmanship, Employee Crystal Awards high cost. Hand carved graphics, machine engraving text.

⑨, sandblasting: three-dimensional weak, more smooth, no convex sense, the machine engraved text, graphics, etc. after the effect of treatment. Low cost of production fast.

⑩, laser Neidiao: computer-aided laser equipment in the crystal object in the three-dimensional pattern of the formation of artistic effect is good, you can arbitrarily express all kinds of patterns, graphics, to achieve realistic effect.

So do not think that the crystal is very cheap, can do so are good crystal, so the Employee Crystal Awards is also very important manual.