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Crystal Teamwork Award

Jul 19, 2018

No man is an island, especially in a business organization. Everyone in the organization needs someone else’s help sometime or another, either as part of the regular work flow or during emergencies. Whether it’s the CEO or the cleaning lady, every person in an organization has to consider himself or herself as part of a team in order for a business to function smoothly. The moment a “That’s not my job!” attitude appears, you have the makings of a dysfunctional organization.

Most modern businesses are structured around teams. Even those with highly individualized jobs like graphic design and publishing need active co-operation among various members of the organization for a final product to emerge. It is critical then for every member of the organization to understand the concept of teamwork and to consider his or her job as part of a team effort.

Making employees realize that they are part of one team is the best antidote to an insular, narrow-minded work attitude. This will engender a willingness on the part of everyone to pull in one direction, regardless of the job or task at hand.

The Teamwork Award from Aswell Crystal Crafts recognizes groups or teams of staff and faculty who foster cooperation, collaboration and open communication. Eligible teams should be comprised of staff and/or faculty members who have collaborated and worked together on a project or significant effort that advances departmental goals in the universities/companies.