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Crystal Baseball Trophy

Jul 12, 2018

Baseball refers to baseball sports, which is a ball sport that is characterized by a great play and a collective and confrontational ball sport. It is widely carried out internationally and has a great influence. The culture contained in baseball makes it becomes a national sport, which is an interpretation of the American dream.

According to the rules, the only way to success is to face your viral bravely. No matter how many points ahead, you must face the beater to win. It is not possible to take time to win like football or basketball.

At the same time, baseball is a generation of inheritance. In the United States, the grandfather will tell his grandson that he has seen Joe DiMaggio. His father will tell his son that he has seen Hank Aaron hit a home run, and now the child one day will tell his children that he has seen Albert Pujols’s every move in the big league. And the reason for this inheritance is not only because baseball is a national entertainment, but also because the scene of a baseball game is like a warm family atmosphere, not only fathers and sons, but also mothers and daughters, which makes people feel relaxed just like a family picnic.

American baseball is a manifestation of the American dream, like Joe DiMaggio, whose parents are Italian-born fishermen, but he has become the most shining star of the 1940s through his own efforts. Meanwhile, in this sport, you don’t need to be 2 meters tall and weigh 200 pounds like basketball. Most baseball players are like ordinary people like us. As long as you practice hard, anyone can have the opportunity to board the Great League, and the American Dream is one of the most important cultures of baseball.

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