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Contribution To Student Life Award

Aug 03, 2018

The famous physicist Einstein said: “The value of a person should be depended on what he contributes, not what he gets.”

Dedication is everywhere in nature. Have you ever been in love with the gracefulness of flowers, but you can see how many roots and stems have been poured into the flowers. Have you ever missed the beautiful rainbow, but you can find out how many drops of water are behind the rainbow in lifetime?

A person’s life cannot be measured by the value with what he has, but be measured how much he applies his dedication. We are devoted all to doing something, and the sweat we leave is our contribution to this matter. In the sports field, everyone is doing their best to compete for our class, then the first must belong to our class. In the class, everyone will not eliminate each other, help each other, and progress to each other, then this class will be excellent. The construction of a harmonious campus not only requires the active efforts of the school teachers and leading organizations, but also requires the active cooperation and efforts of all the students in the school. The leaders, faculty, students are all in their right positions and perform their duties to make campus more beautiful!

Here the Contribution to Student Life Award for you is proud to honor the achievements and contributions of campus and community leaders who have made a lasting difference in the lives of our students and in the strong relationship that is fostered between the campus and greater community.

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