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Classic-Crystal-Awards To Talk About The Origin

Sep 25, 2017

Ancient Greek sports spirit is to emphasize the strength, speed, height, skills, competition, focus on physical strength and magnificent. The winner of the athletics is the extraordinary hero, to be rewarded by drinking. The victor should pour wine for the loser, and the loser shall drink with a large cup. For the winner, suggesting that they are not arrogant, but also have respect for the heart; for the losers, drink is a fine wine, because they are both skills or virtues are not up to the need for warning. Olympic Classic-Crystal-Awards shape for the enlarged glass, allusion is derived from this;

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According to the records of the Western history, AD 978 on March 18, the United Kingdom has called King Edward was killed. Legend was the king was riding in the horse, just took someone else's glass of wine, is looking back to drink, someone stabbed him behind a knife, unfortunately died. To this end, the British at a later banquet, it will be derived from such a ritual: the owner with a large glass full of wine, in the guests in turn pass, take turns sipping.

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Whenever a guest took the blackjack, not only did he stand up, but the man who was sitting next to him had to stand up and surrounded the drinker for protection. When the big glass in the guests after a circle, it became a "love cup" at that time as a precious gift dedicated to the finest guests. Later, people will be "love cup" gift to the winner of the sports competition, whether individuals or groups, as long as the victory in the competition, they can be admired, presented to congratulate the "love cup". Modern Classic-Crystal-Awards is from this "love cup" evolved. Until now the Classic-Crystal-Awards still retains the year "love cup" traces. Such as crystal trophies are usually larger, most with two long ears, these features are "love cup" left behind.