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Classic-Crystal-Awards Purchase And Maintenance

Oct 11, 2017

Manufacturers in the choice of Classic-Crystal-Awards will have the following points:

1. Listen: Classic-Crystal-Awards with the middle finger hit, the sound of ordinary glassware is more boring "flap" sound, and the sound of crystal containers more brittle, with a metal sound "Dangdang" sound, the higher the hardness Crystal, the more loud the sound. In the case of

2. Gloss: Classic-Crystal-Awards in the sun compared to high-quality crystal reflects the colorful light color, and the transition light is very natural and rich, glass refraction color is often incomplete and more bleak. Its transparency in natural light compared to high-quality crystal transparent high, showing the crystal white, and ordinary glass or pure crystal will be yellow or miscellaneous with cyan. In the case of

3. Pattern: Classic-Crystal-Awards For the same fineness of the crystal, the pattern of the higher the exquisite degree of hand, in a small area on the pattern of the more detailed and complicated, the higher the value. Hand touch, hand pattern surface has a rough sense of hand, and the mechanism of the surface is smooth. In the case of

4. Use: As the crystal hardness is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use is often not dirty, and repeated use of glass for a long time, it is easy to have scratches and surface pollution. In the clear, you have to do is carefully check whether the whole product is intact, the appearance of defective defects, whether the surface is smooth and meticulous. In the case of

Manufacturers in the conservation of Classic-Crystal-Awards will have the following points:

1, the preservation of Classic-Crystal-Awards is extremely simple, as long as the use of timely washing with water or with a semi-wet cloth to erase the floating soil on the line; and for those small crystal ornaments on the floating soil, you only need to blow without wiping So as to prevent the crystal surface from raising.

2, In addition, due to the hardness of the crystal, the toughness is small, by the heavy impact is easy to damage, so in normal use to try to avoid bumps. Should also be careful to avoid the use of alkaline, acidic and alcohol detergents, so as not to corrosion, such as ashtrays and other containers should also minimize the time to heat, so as not to damage the oxidation.