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Bright Idea Award

Jul 26, 2018

With the advent of globalization, marketization, informatization, the pace of social development in the new era will be greatly accelerated, and the spirit of innovation has become the most important factor in social development.

The spirit of innovation means having the ability to use existing knowledge, information, skills and methods to present new methods, new ideas.

In today’s world, the knowledge economy is developing at a rapid pace. Innovation has become the leading force and important source of economic and social development, and innovative thinking is a key factor in the innovation process. The intrinsic mechanism and formation process of innovative thinking is the self-organization evolution process of complex systems.

Anyone, any idea, can affect our world in some extent. An important bright idea may change our environment, social form, and even the whole world in a matter of years.

Bright Idea Award is intended to support genuinely novel and potentially transformative research projects that have the potential to profoundly impact and / or transform a broad area of research. They are awarded to individual researchers with a bright adventurous idea.

This is one of several approaches that we can use to stimulate and encourage individuals to express their creativity and develop pioneering, potentially transformative research.