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Best Safety Incentive Awards

Jun 11, 2018

Safety incentives and recognition play a vital role in the successful implementation of strong and effective safety management efforts within an organization. A workplace safety incentive program can be positive, but it depends upon the program and how it’s implemented and how to encourage and recognize the safety award winners?

The achievement of safety goals, completion of safety training, and successful implementation of safety practices are excellent reasons to recognize your team with awards. Safety Incentive Trophy is a powerful tool to motivate employee. Safety awards send strong messages to staff on the importance of maintaining a safe workplace and the value that the company places on a healthy workplace. Safety Incentive awards can be given monthly, quarterly, annually, or for major milestones. Some of the typical awards we see are given to individuals, facilities, and departments. Accident Free for # Months, Think Safety, Safety First, Safety Spotlight Award, Safety Awareness Award, and Safe Driver Awards are ones that we regularly see. 

We carried a variety of crystal awards, plaques and trophies to be given for Safety Awards to individuals. Plaques are commonly given to facilities and departments for meeting safety goals. We can create almost any designs to fit your needs.