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Aswell Crystal Are One Of The First 2D And 3D Laser Engravers In The China

Aug 27, 2016

Aswell Crystal are one of the first 2D and 3D laser engravers in the China, creating everlasting memories in crystal glass for occasions including:


  • One-of-a-kind gifts for your family or friend's birthdays, anniversaries and weddings

  • Corporate functions and events

  • Awards or special presentations

  • Promotional gift or invitation

  • Branding and advertising displays

Using the latest in laser technology we are able to recreate your image in the centre of the highest optical-grade crystal glass, creating an item that will never change with time. We can take your image from any file, whether a family photo from a picture album, an image taken on your phone, or a 3d image saved in a .CAD format, and laser engrave it into the centre of various shapes and sizes of glass as to best display your picture or model.

Have a look at the processes and products available and contact us today about the memory you would like to make last forever