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Achievement Crystal Awards Was Originally Prizes History

May 24, 2017

World Economic Forum Achievement Crystal Awards is the World Economic Forum was established in 1995, to recognize the outstanding achievements of the arts awards.

An artist who aims to recognize outstanding artistic achievements and make good use of public influence and contribute to the international community. Here we see a fantastic example. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that you are invited to accept the Achievement Crystal Awards honors in the winter of January next year Davos (World Economic Forum)! "

The World Economic Forum Achievement Crystal Awards over the years has given many artists who have made outstanding achievements in the arts and made great contributions to world peace, international humanitarian and international cross-cultural exchanges. Including the Nobel Prize for the literature of the Nigerian writer Zuo Yinka, the Italian scholar Eiko, Peruvian writer Llosa, India Sitaqin master Ravi Shanka, British music educator Menuin, Chinese director Chen Kaige, Singapore artist Chen Ruixuan Wait. Last year's Achievement Crystal Awards was awarded to the British actress Emma Thompson, and the Chinese cello player Yo-Yo Ma.