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Achievement Crystal Awards | Medal - Presented To You Most Want To Be Awarded

Oct 26, 2017

At the end of the competition at home and abroad, whenever the results come out, the audience of the spotlight are gathered on the podium, all the audience will be the eyes gathered to the stage the most dazzling places, focus on the winners. This time, the Achievement Crystal Awards represents not only a glory, but also to the winners hard to pay the affirmative. Visible, how beautiful a beautiful Achievement Crystal Awards is important.

Achievement Crystal Awards is a noble symbol of purity. It is crystal clear, sparkling, delicate feel, but also in the above lettering, engraved patterns. Good texture of the crystal material like snow and ice as clear. Get the trophy and get a symbol of honor.

Use of the occasion: advertising promotions, conference celebrations, office benefits, business PR, thank customers, festivals to celebrate, move, graduate, fresco, souvenirs and so on.

Production process: raw materials, cutting, grinding, sandblasting, carving, assembly.

Production process a total of: election materials, open materials, pressure embryo, rough polishing, fine polishing, drilling, plating, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

With the continuous emergence of crystal gifts, crystal trophies have gradually come out in a number of material trophies, artificial Achievement Crystal Awards with crystal crystal clear advantage, shape can basically reach the shape of the metal trophy (Achievement Crystal Awards is a geometric pattern , Unlike the metal can be cast, so too abstract shape can not do.), Many of the tournament trophies are used Achievement Crystal Awards.