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Achievement Crystal Awards Material Crystal And Glass How To Distinguish

Jul 11, 2017

Achievement Crystal Awards Crystal and glass difference

Crystal and glass look very similar, but it is two completely different substances. The main difference is the following five aspects:

1. Material is different

The crystal is a crystalline silica and the glass is only a mixture of melts containing silica.

Second, different efficacy

Glass is only decorative effect, and crystal in addition to decorative role, there are piezoelectric effect, a special health effects.

Three different prices

Achievement Crystal Awards Crystal unit price than glass several times or even several times.

The physical properties are different

1. Achievement Crystal Awards Crystal is a crystal, with a high hardness (Mohs 7), while the glass hardness is low, (Mohs 5.5), crystal can be drawn on the glass traces, and vice versa can not.

2. Achievement Crystal Awards Crystal is crystal, thermal conductivity is better, with the tongue licking touch the feeling of cold. While the glass is warm.

3. With polarizers, crystal can be light, and glass can not.

We can easily distinguish them according to the different physical properties of the crystal and the glass.

4. Different processing technology

Glass can be hot-cast, save the cost of low labor costs. Crystal is a crystal, can not be reversed after heating, so it can not be used hot casting method, can only be used for cutting and other cold processing. Faster, high cost. Crystal hardness is high, easy to wear. Glass is low in hardness and easy to wipe. Crystal stability is good, long-term use will not change color. While the glass is prone to yellowing.