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Achievement Crystal Awards Manufacturers Generally Use The Payment Method

Jun 30, 2017

After participating in the WTO, the Pujiang Achievement Crystal Awards industry is facing greater opportunities and challenges, on the one hand with a broader domestic and foreign markets, on the other hand because the industry is not perfect, exposed a lot of problems, in the new situation, How to develop the strategy, how management departments to further standard market environment, industry associations how to play a greater role, are and to be addressed.

1, consumer sales and publicity status

The common sales channel is the largest diamond trophy industry logo, Achievement Crystal Awards channel has its own sales advantage, the main table now the following:

A, knot the way easy to operate.

Ordinary prepaid 30% deposit, the goods to pay the balance. Today, some good reputation of the Achievement Crystal Awards company cash also use a lot of cash.

In the sales channel, the Beijing Achievement Crystal Awards industry, mostly to maintain the old customers as the focus, in the survey, 71.4% of the enterprises to maintain old customers as an important sales channel. Open up new customers when choosing more trade fairs. A meaningful phenomenon is that the most traditional home procurement and the most maple leaf of the proportion of e-commerce is the same, are 24%, which shows that the Beijing Achievement Crystal Awards industry is very uneven, advanced enterprises have used E-commerce and information management, and many companies still remain in the procurement of home buyers in the state.

In the publicity, through the industry to stop the highest proportion of publicity, accounting for 34%. Followed by the network 29%. As the Beijing Achievement Crystal Awards industry customer base is not a general sense of the consumer, so the general use of the largest commercial television and newspapers and magazines is relatively small.

Beijing Achievement Crystal Awards company in the consumer sales encountered a variety of difficult, which is more prominent delivery specifications, payment problems, Yahuo problems, in addition, there are cargo issues, logistics problems.

B, circulation is less, the product additional cost is depressed

There are several forms of Achievement Crystal Awards channels, whether it is the form of the "manufacturer-agent", or the "manufacturer-customer" form of the Achievement Crystal Awards manufacturer, or the manufacturer of the Achievement Crystal Awards trade company, Achievement Crystal Awards company - the customer "form, there is no ordinary distribution channels of multi-level wholesale, wholesale terminals and other links, additional costs are greatly reduced.

2, buy the form of sales to reduce the risk of consumption

As the Achievement Crystal Awards are generally buy, get orders and then consumption or OEM consumption, and will be prepaid a part of the deposit, the number of consumption, the purpose is clear, which reduces the risk of consumption.

3, Achievement Crystal Awards concept and classification

Achievement Crystal Awards is a very broad concept, there are two kinds of Achievement Crystal Awards classification, the most widely agreed by the use of the classification method, there are six categories: the state government class, business promotion category, festive class, leisure horticulture class, Decorative ornaments category, two kinds of coin collection. In addition, it can also be divided into raw materials: crystal handicrafts, crystal plastic products, plastic products, acrylic products, bamboo products, metal products, gold and silver products, ceramic products, electronic products, gardening products, leather products, glass products, paper products , Needle spinning embroidery fabrics, down products, and so on.

Achievement Crystal Awards as a new industry, and the traditional craft Achievement Crystal Awards has a basic difference: to batch processing, consumption, lower cost. With the Achievement Crystal Awards market from time to time growth, Achievement Crystal Awards industry has become a separate industry, but it can not be called a good industry, because the industry is based on the main service, the special channel is it and other industries The biggest sign of distinction.