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Achievement Crystal Awards Distinctive Internal Carvings

Jul 20, 2017

Achievement Crystal Awards is in the designer's design, after processing and transformation of a medal. This medal is different from other material medals, has its own unique carving way. Ordinary medals are usually only through the surface of the material to carve patterns. And not what color can be the perfect fusion. For example, silver or gold medals, they themselves because of the deep color, so it is impossible to other colors into this medal. But the Achievement Crystal Awards is not the same.

Achievement Crystal Awards is a pure white, white is the most versatile wild color. No matter what color can be in the background of the white, it is more beautiful. Will not produce any unexpected feeling. Of course, I can not just with the coloring of the problem, directly to the Achievement Crystal Awards rose to the highest position. Achievement Crystal Awards also has its own unique interior carving. Because the crystal is transparent, even in the crystal carved a pattern, and then use another crystal to suppress the picture. We can clearly see the whole picture to bring our visual effects.

This unique interior engraving is also something that other medals can not do. Achievement Crystal Awards's internal carving and color problems, giving designers countless designs. They can be crystal in the above drift for the crystal in the market more added a touch of bright colors.