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Achievement Crystal Awards Craft Literacy - Crystal Pickling

Sep 25, 2017

In all kinds of Achievement Crystal Awards processing technology, in recent years more innovative and favored by the customer process, pickling is one of them. The use of acid polishing can save manual and machine polishing time, in today's factory in general use, and the artist also used acid to ease the blasting of the glass surface, resulting in more delicate than sandblasting, exquisite results. In the United Kingdom, the industry often with a strong acid on the glass for a short soaking, and in the European continent industry with a slightly weak acid on the glass for a long time soaking. In at least 40 degrees Celsius temperature of the polishing acid can play the most effective role in the process of acid washing is not complicated, pickling raw materials - pickling liquid is generally a mixture of a variety of acids, crystal acid pickling are generally concentrated sulfuric acid And nitric acid, these mixed acid is very corrosive, but also has a strong oxidizing, high corrosion medium temperature, pickling time temperature will be high, so the container corrosion resistance, heat resistance are There is a certain requirement, the crystal pickling from the processing to the exhaust gas recovery, are in a strong state of corrosion, so the choice of environment and the use of equipment have affected the service life. After the initial cutting, fine grinding or carving, into the pickling pre-process, the crystal in the pickling constantly washed, heating, cooling, and then pickling, washed in the mixed acid several times, the brightness will be more bright, Will be less and less, after the erosion of the shape of rounded, showing a transparent effect, repeated several times, the crystal washed with water clean, into the crystal processing process, a complete embodiment of crystal pickling effect, to finished products, Can achieve the best visual effects.

In view of the special nature of pickling, crystal iceberg on the market, crystal characters and other crystal products, are based on this process, to solve some of the processing bottlenecks, but also a better complement to the crystal processing blind area, accordingly Derived crystal products quite sought after by the market. But the pollution of the environment is an important factor in the process to be resolved, a lot of processing of acid pickling workshop for the processing of waste effluent row of sewers, resulting in serious water pollution, pickling the exhaust gas generated through the air, causing crops Abstraction, death.

In recent years, the river for the pickling industry crackdown is relatively large, for the illegal processing of acid pickers found together, investigate and deal with, for the designated pickling enterprises, increased sewage inspection facilities, efforts to minimize pollution.