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3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine And Camera

Oct 22, 2018

3D laser crystal engraving machine, used to produce personalized 2D/3D crystal gifts and souvenirs, glass crafts, crystal wedding photos, crystal trophies, monuments, etc.

A three-dimensional camera that digitizes portraits in full color in less than two seconds, producing the same real-world effects as a photo. Which can observe the 360-degree visual effect of the product.

Recently, we introduced 3D laser crystal engraving machine and A three-dimensional camera in produce process of  crystal awards and gifts. We listed three images to show the perfect effect.

The first image is the original image, and the effect of the second image will be achieved by 3D laser engraving. Do you like the effect of the third picture? My customers told me it is very beautiful. Yes, on the base of the 3D crystal, plus an LED base, according to technical processing, which can make the entire crystal trophy show different colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple and so on.

If you have more requirement about crystal awards, trophy or gift. Pls let me know, Aswell Crystal Crafts have designs and styles to suit your every need and we can create a unique trophy or award to suit your particuar brief. So take your time and browse the many items we have in our Crystal Awards category.