Mundane Crystal Plaque for Track and Field

Mundane Crystal Plaque for Track and Field
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Mundane awards should not be the property of superstars. Yes. This is mundane square clear crystal mounted on black plate. There are huge space for inspired design fits various occasions. As Track and Field Plaque, Your congratulatory message will be deep etched with precision craftsmanship onto the crystal. If you feel simple, personalized patterns can be achieved at your request.  We have team of experienced engraving specialists on hand to provide a wide range of personalization services at no additional cost.


Apply to: President’s Day Gift; Pastor’s Retirement Plaque; Boxing Awards


Small 7″TM1041SUS$135.004-6/7″H x 7″W x 1-1/7″D1.60KGS
Medium 8″TM1041MUS$165.005-1/2″H x 8″W x 1-1/3″D2.60KGS
Large 9″TM1041LUS$215.006″H x 9″W x 1-1/2″D3.30KGS