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Technology 3d engraving inside the crystal

Jun 29, 2018

3D printing and laser engraving process doesn’t share identical preparation techniques. These 3D engraved crystals or 3D laser crystal as they are popularly called are made through lasers. The crystal piece is placed inside a big box like laser machine which is than closed. All machines are controlled by their own proprietary softwares which can work with 2D or 3D images.

Once the command is given the sharp laser beam penetrates through the crystal and starts to rupture the crystal from inside leaving the outer surface untouched. Images is formed using hundreds and thousands of dots. They vary in side and density. Minutes later you have your perfect piece. Take your piece out from the machine and your get a perfectly finished piece.

In this process artwork and settings can make all the difference between a poor piece and a high quality piece. Of course ! machines and crystals matter. But they are of little use if the artwork is not made correctly or the density of the dots is compromised. Every small details adds to the final finish.