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How to make glass crafts

Aug 02, 2016

"Chinese glass net" glassblower, another for the blow molding method. Glass was taken out the right amount of solution and place in the iron tube end, side blowing, side spin, and skilled techniques, use scissors or pliers to make it.

Many different types. Generally the main ingredient is sodium glass belongs; k-glass, glass consists mainly of silica sand, soda ash, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lime and bauxite, lead, etc. Bottle Glass belongs; lead glass, glass instruments is. Hsinchu area silica production in the Kansai area, but in recent years the iron content is high, the quality is a bit poor, mostly from Australia and Malaysia imports. First, silica sand, lime and soda ash in the Crucible Furnace, high temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius for 16 hours until the mixture melts into a thick liquid, placed on the mould, forming, and Xu-cold after 12 hours of treatment. During sandblasting, color, embedded Gold Flower, grinding, engraving, syrup soaked, decorating tips. Use when firing a variety of metal coloring agents, production in glass with a different color.