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Analysis of organic glass arts and crafts processing technical requirements

Aug 02, 2016

"China glass Web" head mounts for stepless speed regulation of DC, in the process of grinding acrylic sleeves found ripples on the surface of organic glass is clear and extremely easy to make knives, parts-drum-shaped, and is difficult to remove, component radial runout and roundness is poor. Analysis of processing quality in view of the above, because it is a bulkhead clamp on both ends, overall is hollow, plexiglass is metal, the less rigid, elastic deformation by a force likely to produce, so you must improve the rigidity and strength of PMMA, prevent their mechanical elastic deformation, thus the following methods. Ends mounted bulkhead, in the middle of plexiglass cast gypsum powder and old pink, enhances rigidity and strength, reduce stress and elastic deformation, through the improved grinding, plexiglass crafts ripples the surface improved significantly, drum-shaped phenomena are eliminated, roundness and radial coarse grinding precision reaches.