Flaming Priest Installation Gift

Flaming Priest Installation Gift
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The shape of a flame gift symbolizes burning devotion and the spark of spiritual discovery. A gorgeous, personalized crystal keepsake, on the other hand, is a wonderful way to mark the very special moment of pastor installation service. It will fit perfectly for pastor to display on a new Installation church. For a pastor with a family, many of them devote all their energies to the church. What inscription should you include praise? For instance: "Burning himself and illuminates others". You may also personalize this installation gift plaque with the name of the newly installed minister, the ceremony details and installation scriptures.


Fits for: Gifts for Newly Installed Pastor; Minister Installation Gift


Small 10″TM1039SUS$108.0010″H x 4-3/4″W x 3/4′”D1.70KGS
Medium 11″TM1039MUS$142.0011-1/4″H x 5-2/5″W x,3/4″D2.20KGS
Large 13″TM1039LUS$195.0012-3/4″H x,6″W x 3/4″D3.30KGS