Excellent Fencing Trophy Award

This Aluminum and Crystal awards is very special. The aluminum is soft and can be made into different shapes by your needs. There is huge space for personalized design to fit for various of occasions. Advantage technologies such as: UV print, Sand blasting, Digital printing and Water-jet can be free done.

Product Details

What’s fencing? Fencing was one of the original nine sports in the inaugural modern Olympic Games played in Athens. Fencing is a very aerobically challenging sport. The sport of fencing incorporates agility, strength, coordination, balance, and timing. In fencing, physical ability is just as important as having a strong mental edge.

Do you like this Excellent Fencing Trophy Award? It is made by two materials: crystal and aluminum. The top graphic is made by aluminum. Aluminum is more malleable and can be water-jet different shapes, which is depended on the customer's requirements. For crystal part, there is plenty of blank space for personalized design. If you have any requirement, pls contact us at any time.


Suitable for: Boss Appreciation Gifts; Track And Field Awards; Sports Trophy.

Large 5.5″AS 1087LUS$102.005-2/3″H x 5-2/3″W x 1-1/2″D1.42 KGS