Excellent Crystal Soccer Award

Celebrate Winner by an excellent crystal soccer award is a good choice. It is made by Pure Clear K9 Crystal, the simple shape is bent makes the whole looks simple and generous. There is a plenty space for carving the winner name, date, congratulation message and marks the affirmation and honor in soccer. It is a good decoration displayed at your office or family.

Product Details

Soccer also named football, known as the "world's first sport", is the most influential individual sport in the global sports world. Soccer is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball.

A football team is like a machine, and only when every part is running can it get the most effect. --Italy star Casio

This Excellent Crystal Soccer Award is a perfect way to recognize a special soccer team achievement, championship or individual winner. It is made by finest optical crystal or senior glass, and the shape is bent rectangle and looks very elegant. Bent glass is also called curved glass that manufacturers must place a piece of glass over a piece of metal made to simulate the curve needed for the glass. 

For blank award, there is plenty space for personalized design. Please use your imagination to create a unique trophy award for soccer championship. Advanced technologies: Sand Blasting, Colour Fills, Surface Laser Engraving, Digital Printing and others can be used in whole processing. Bent crystal crafts fit for a variety of celebration occasions.


Apply to: Soccer Trophy; Baseball Awards; Top Sales Awards.

Small 5″AS 1092SUS$44.705″H x 7″W x 1/2″D2.76 LB
Medium 6″AS 1092MUS$64.106″H x 8″W x 1/2″D3.53 LB
Large 7″AS 1092LUS$95.907″H x 10″W x 1/2″D4.52 LB