Diamond Sales Achievement Award Trophy

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Where does the company's operating costs come from? Who is the financial salary? Many of the operating expenses, etc. are the first-line sales staff. So sales play a very important role in the development of a company.

Responsibilities of the sales department: comprehensively responsible for the company's sales work, complete the company's sales goals; formulate marketing policies and strategic plans around the company's sales targets; develop annual sales plans, target decomposition and implementation.

Therefore, every salesperson must continuously improve his overall quality to achieve the company's sales goals, while creating greater benefits for the company. For those who have outstanding performance and outstanding performance, it is very exciting to award them our Diamond Sales Achievement Award. The weight of the entire trophy and several facets symbolize his or her sparkling contributions and achievements. The front of award has an inverted triangle, which means that the sales performance will be higher and higher in the future.

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Suitable for: Various Occasions Awards; Festival Gifts; Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

Small 6″AS 1094SUS$55.006″H x 4-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D1.70 KGS
Medium 8″AS 1094MUS$73.008-1/4″H x 4-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D2.05 KGS
Large 10″AS 1094LUS$91.0010″H x 4-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D2.35 KGS