Diamond Retirement Gift For Priest

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The crystal pastor retirement gift with four Columns Diamonds has become a very popular choice for pastor's lifetime service. The inspirational retirement inscription plays an important role in retirement gifts. An effective inscription shows that the gift giver knows something about the recipient. Our crystal plaque inscription can be engraved, such as “Best wishes to ... who . . .” ; “Played fair,”  “Met every day with a smile,” and so on .This priest Retirement Gift Plaque is the perfect way to say goodbye to your congregation. 


Fits for: Clergy retirement Plaque; Pastor Farewell Gift; Priest retirement tribute.

Small 10″AS 1034SUS$125.0010″H x 4-1/3″W x 1-1/2” D2.60KGS
Medium 11″AS 1034MUS$156.0011″H x 4-1/3″W x 1-1/2″D3.20KGS
Large 12″AS 1034LUS$195.0012″H x 4-1/3″W x 1-1/2″D3.80KGS

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