Customized Marble Boss Of The Year Award

This Boss of the Year Award is a fitting way to honor the Boss of the Year which is a pretty weighty honor and singles out the leader who makes the biggest impression on his or her staffs and subordinates.

Product Details

This Customized Marble Boss of the Year Award is perfect for recognizing the highlights of one's leadership and management expertise. The trophy is made of hard marble and it is a symbol of achievement and the cube shape with a sharp triangle cutting of the award itself implies great strength. Add your own engraving at no additional cost to make this boss of the year award plaque a true personalized recognition gift for your boss. In addition, we can also provide you with different materials to make this trophy, for example, 100% optical crystal and different workmanship technologies which is all base on your requirements.

Fit for: Boss of the Year Award Plaque; Best Boss Award Plaque

Small 6″AS 2003SUS$38.406“ H x 3-3/4″W x 3-3/4″D8.66 LB
Medium 7″AS 2003MUS$51.507″ H x 3-3/4″ W x 3-3/4″ D10.12 LB
Large 8″AS 2003LUS$72.908″ H x 3-3/4″ W x 3-3/4″ D11.51 LB