Crystal Fencing Plaque

Crystal Fencing Plaque
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Do you know Fencing? Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight using 'rapier-style' swords, called the foil, the épée, and the sabre; winning points are made through the contact with an opponent. Celebrate Winner by a beautiful Crystal Fencing Plaque is a good choice. It is made by Pure Clear K9 Crystal, the simple shape, 55-degree Angle makes the whole look like a mountain, carving the fencers' ICONS, Congratulation message and marks the affirmation and honor in fencing. It is a good decoration displayed at your office ,book shelf or Honoring Cabinet.


Apply to: Boxing Awards; Fencing Trophies; Valentine’s Day Gift; Easter Gift


Small 7″TM1020SUS$75.007″H x 2-3/4″W x 1-1/4″D0.86KG
Medium 8″TM1020MUS$95.009″H x 5-1/2″W x 2-3/4″D1.54KGS
Large 10″TM1020LUS$105.0010″H x 6″W x 3″D2.00KGS