Crystal Baseball Souvenirs Trophy

Crystal baseball souvenirs trophy is made by two parts: crystal and aluminum base. Round crystal craft can be custom-made, the aluminum can be instead by marble, crystal or other materials. If you have any needs. Pls contact us at random.

Product Details

Do you like this shape Crystal Awards? Yes, it is an excellent award for any winner or team. “Next to religion, baseball has furnished a greater impact on American life than any other institution”. President Herbert Hoover.

How to reward winning baseball individuals or teams? This Crystal Baseball Souvenirs Trophy is very suitable. The round K9 crystal stands on an aluminum base to make the entire award looks very magnificent and heavy. Selecting this trophy to winner or team that is recognition for their sweat and hard work.

The body of round crystal is blank, there is plenty space for personalized engraving. You can start image to make it to unique. If you need Crystal, Marble or Wood base, it is possible. Pls let me know before purchasing. Look forward to your message.


Suitable for: All sports Awards; Marine Corps Trophy; Washington’s Birthday Gift; leadership awards.

Large 7.5″AS 1088LUS$78.007-4/5″H x 7″W x 2-2/5″D2.29 LB