Commemorative Retirement Award

Commemorative Retirement Award
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As a career, only small Percentage of workers chose law enforcement. Enforcing the judicial system and keeping communities safe is a noble profession, but the work can be both trying and dangerous. This magnificent plaque is a perfect retirement gift for Law Enforcement Officers. It can be used as a heartfelt thank you gift to an officer for the contribution to enforce the law. It is the kind of award that will be displayed proudly in any trophy shelf. You can easily add a county, state or agency seal to the design as well as your personalized words of congratulations.


Apply to: Retirement Trophy; Years of Service Awards; Pastor Appreciation Gift

Small 7″TM1030SUS$83.007″H x 2-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D2.00KGS
Medium 8″TM1030MUS$112.008-5/6″H x 2-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D2.30KGS
Large 10″TM1030LUS$145.0010-5/6″H x 2-1/3″W x 2-1/3″D2.85KGS