Blue Star Achievement Award Trophy

Blue Star Achievement Award Trophy
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How to encourage the person who is successful in safety? A grand safety recognition prize and terrific safety reward gift idea, this shining blue star crystal trophy is an impressive award to recognize safety excellence.

The safety milestone or award title will be highlighted on the top of the crystal star. The body of the crystal plaque offers ample engraving space to highlight outstanding safety accomplishments by the award winners who reach this pinnacle of safety achievement. This special design awards can be used in other extensive areas.


Fits for: Safety incentive awards; Years of Service Trophy; Employee Awards

Blue 8″TM1056BUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS
Clear 8″TM1056CUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS
Green 8″TM1056GUS$115.008″H x 4-4/5″W x 1-5/6″D1.45KGS