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In 1932, the first Yangzhou Aswell Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd was born and established. After a few decades, Aswell Crystal Crafts founder Mr. Alessandro moved to the USA to escape from the war. He devoted himself to merging the traditional crystal technology and modernized production methods. Therefore, he designed and produced the first certain series of crystal trophies, which have been recognized and loved by people.

As time progressed, Aswell Crystal Crafts ushered in its third generation successor, Mr. David Z. Kim. Mr. David Z. Kim graduated from UC Berkley, in which he received a double degree in design and business administration. After his graduation, he refused the invitation from the famous designer firm and began to devote himself into Aswell Crystal to let more people understand the characteristics and aesthetics of the crystal and set up a certain website to show more people the unique manufacturing methods and designs of crystal. At the same time, he also gains a lot of knowledge about different understanding of cultures about honor, religious culture, theology, values and other fields through the Internet. This allows Aswell Crystal has a broader cultural vision and cultural inclusiveness, which is consistent with the characteristics of a country’s diverse culture.

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